Online Consultations

Dr. Gangotri Banerjee initially started to provide online follow-up to her own clinic patients as suddenly pandemic hit. Later it becomes more flexible to treat various non surgical cases through online. Yes, even in dental surgery and oral department non-surgical cases are there and that too in quite a large number.  Once treated correctly, it really helps to never face any surgery! Dr. Gangotri Banerjee serves online consultation both in non-surgical cases and for her own surgical follow-up cases. 

Oral Disease Diagnosis

Oral diseases correctly diagnosed earlier has a 73% higher chance of quick recovery. Many times it does not even need surgery! 

Medicine Prescribe

Oral diseases can too get cured simply with medicines.

Radiographic Tests

To diagnose and treat oral disease, different radiographic imaging tests ( dental X-ray, OPG, etc.) are important. Correct interpretation of report helps to cure faster.

Child Teeth Issues

Starting from getting first tooth, babies and children get various common teeth  issues. It is best to treat it in a timely manner.

Tongue Diseases

Tongue diseases are not always fatal, but it can turn fatal with late treatment. Earlier correct diagnosis saves the life.

Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are threatening to the teeth, so correct prompt treatment is needed.

TMJ Diseases

From joint pain to difficulty in mouth opening, various TMJ diseases can be cured even without surgery.

Home Remedies

Correct home remedies can effectively give instant relief without any side effects. It is all natural ingredients that help to heal.

Biological Dentistry

An alternative or holistic approach that considers the minimal invasive techniques to treat. 

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